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Our expertise combines informatics with data analytics and a strong engineering background. It makes us a great partner to support you on the creation of software for your business.

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When you should consider to contact us

  • You are looking for a special algorithm because you want to optimize one of your industry process or business task. You may also have a lot of data and want to figure out how to turn them into valuable information for supporting decision making, discover patterns, detect events or just improving your business.

  • You want a Website with more than text and pictures or you want to digitalize a process or business and you don┬┤t know what are the possibilities or where to start. You may be new in the digital world or want to check new technologies and how they can benefit or automate what you are doing.

  • Your legacy system need to be updated to use new technologies / standards and you are still asking yourself if you need to write it new or if you can reuse what you have or if there is any other alternative. Or maybe you just need to add a new functionality to your existing system and you are trying to figure out the best way to do it.

Why you should work with us

There are many informatics teams and companies out there able to write good software but how many of them will be able to understand very fast your requirements from an engineering perspective different than informatics? And how many of them can bring advanced mathematics and data analytics expertise beyond the application of existing methods?

  • Our strong background in engineering makes us a perfect candidate to understand very fast your requirements from the problem domain point of view before implementing any software solution.

  • We have large experience creating software solutions from the architecture to deployment. It makes a difference when deciding the best way to go from the software perspective.

  • More than applying known methods or using existing libraries for optimization and data analytics we can also develop uniques methods efficiently designed for solving your problem. We bring also existing methods creating by our own and visual components that we have license to distribute.

What are our strongest points

  • The use of microsoft technologies with expertise in c#, .Net, WPF and ASP.NET MVC

  • Advanced skills using Visual Studio and Team Foundation Services

  • We have large experience developing algorithms and applications for modeling and optimization in the industry and for improving business processes.

We are always searching for new opportunities and challenges. Do not hesitate in contacting us.

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Technological innovation company focused on the creation of value based on digital transformations of business and industry processes

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