Water Networks Smarter Operation and Management

Water-Ing SDK supports you on the development of your own algorithms and functionalities for a smarter water network operation and management. If you are interesting on receiving a Beta version to try yourself please subscribe to our newsletter at the end of this page or contact us directly.

Discover Source code avaliability for plugins

Instead of just accepting software results we provide you with the engineering behind the code

  • Import / Export EPANET .INP Files
  • Source code available for several plugins
  • Extend functionalities by adding your own code
  • Connect to online data and services
  • Advanced visualization and data management

Non-Revenue Water Reduction

Automatic Identification of Existing District Metered Areas. Water Balance. Leak detection. Smart Metering / Advanced Metering Infraestructure Integration

Water Network Analysis

Measurement monitoring. Online / Offline modeling of water distribution systems. System state estimation based on measurements and models

Operation Optimization

Optimal sensor placement. Pump scheduling and operation optimization. Network design. Multi-objective optimization integrated.

Custom Development let´s make IT happen

If you would like to check how this product can be adapted to your needs, extended or integrated in your own software then you are now at the right place. We can support you both from the hydraulic calculation point of view or the software engineering part. We also have experience creating models and importing data from different formats.

Custom Develpoment