Installation and license activation

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  • December 8, 2016

When you click in Download Water-Ing a .zip file with the name Water-Ing followed by the version number will be downloaded in your computer. You should first extract the installation from the .zip file and then execute Water-Ing.exe (originally contained in the .zip file). The installation will start and you will see a windows like:

installation water-ing

After the installation is fnished you will have a shortcut of the application in your desktop. Double-click the shortcut and once the application is open you can acess your license code in order to request the license that better suits your needs. Just click in the license button of the main menu as shown in the next image:

license code water-ing

With your license code you can request a demo license directly from the web or you can make your request directly from Water-Ing if you are connected to internet (if you are using a proxy server then better request your license directly from the web).

An email will be sent to you after your request. The email will have attached a license file that you should copy in the same directory where you have installed Water-Ing (by default it is installed in ...Program Files (x86)/Ingeniouswware/Water-Ing)

copying license file water-ing

Open the application and your license file will be recognized and activated (in case the application was already open, close it and open it again to activate your license). When the application start, the splash windows will show the current activated license you now have.

copying license file water-ing

Water-Ing will be enabling functionalities depending on the current active license you have. After the activation of a demo professional license you will have a view like in the following image when you open the application:

copying license file water-ing

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